Cleaning of water reservoirs, dredging lease from WORLD LAKES

"WORLD OF LAKES" - What does this name?

"World Lakes" - the company to clean up, construction, improvement of lakes, even the name of the company has said that it will not go on the cars or selling Chinese goods, and it would be a lake.

Our company "WORLD OF LAKES" with great pleasure and joy offers its services associated with lakes, such as:


Cleaning lake silt (silt)
Cleaning debris from the lake
Cleaning the lake from reeds
Cleaning lake algae
Cleaning lake vegetation
Dredging the lake
Expanding the shores of Lake
Namyvanie sand
Namyvanie soil
Extraction of sapropel
Construction of the beach
Construction of the lake from A to Z
Construction of the lake and the shore
Digging Lake excavator
Digging the pit under the lake
Digging excavation for construction
Digging the foundation pit
Digging rivers and canals
Strengthening the shores of Lake
Strengthening of slopes
Shore reinforcement gabions
Strengthening the coast georeshotkoy
Shore reinforcement geotextile
Strengthening the coast oak piles
Shore reinforcement concrete
Strengthening the coast in different ways
Accomplishment of the lake and the beach
Landscaping area
Greening the shores of Lake
Running fish
Digging holes for wintering fish
Laying soil, sand
Creating lakes, reservoirs, ponds of any size
Designing the future of the lake
Geology Soil
Surveying the surface
Landscape design
On all matters that relate to the lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers and canals, please call us on the phone company + 38-097-344-44-80

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