How many live in the lake?
You know the answer to this question? Read on and you will understand.
Most often, a relatively short time - a few thousand or tens of thousands of years. This applies primarily to the ice and oxbow lakes.
Karst lakes, volcanic and tectonic especially there may be millions and tens of millions of years. For example, one of the lakes in Australia was formed about 700 million years ago. clean Ponds
Judging by the spread of ancient lake sediments, lake were more common in the early periods of the history of our planet.
Scientists have even isolated lake stages in the history of the continent.
Lake at that time occupied large areas of land and existed for a long time. And they themselves were diverse in nature than the existing lake.
Fossil Lake pond life are of great interest to geologists, as they often are deposits of minerals such as black and brown coal, oil shale, oil, rock and potassium salt, brown iron ore, bauxite, marl, sulfur, peat, and others.
So how many live lake or water?
The answer to this question depends on how you take care of your gorgeous ponds, as it will be to clean, deepen, strengthen, look for it - and you will know the answer to this question!
Need a cleaning of your lake, reservoir, pond, river, canal, call us and we will help you with that!

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