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Who knows what they say the lake?
What is the name of the lake, and why? How to call your pond?
In some cases, beyond the lake stuck the name of ancient peoples or tribes living on their shores.
The largest lake of the world - the Caspian, according to some scholars, called on behalf of the people who lived in the Caucasus BC.
lakes and names in different times and in different nations Caspian is called differently.
In ancient times - Kirkanskoe, in the Middle Ages - Khorasan sea; in ancient sources say the name of the Khazar Sea.
In eastern Turkey is a large soda lake Van.
On the shores of the lake are many monuments of ancient Armenian culture, forts, monasteries, and other landmarks. In ancient times there lived nationality van.
This name is reserved by ozerom.krasivoe lake
In the northwest of the European part of the former USSR is Peipsi lake.
Essentially lake consists of three separate parts Pleso: Chud, Pskov and heat.
Lake Peipsi is known that in 1242 Russian soldiers under the command of Alexander Nevsky in famous Battle on the Ice defeated here the German crusaders.
The name of the lake comes from the "Chud". So at the Old Slavonic language called Finno-Finns who inhabited the shores of the lake.
Picturesque lake mountain Altai Teletsky called by the name of the Altaic peoples solid, or body-utov lived on its banks.
On our planet, so many lakes so to say "World of Lakes" and called them all in different ways, but very beautiful.
Beautifully chosen name or the name of any of the lake gives it even more some weird, magnetism, romance.
So that dear readers and visitors of the site suggest you dig a pond or lake at his site and name it as something unusual and your beautiful lake you will always rejoice.
Hurry to order the services of professionals to help you dig a pond on the site, to create his beautiful and unique, mysterious and magnetic, charmingly elegant and romantic.
Let the pond brings you only joy and become your pride!

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